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Lockdown in France waffle and not chocs away...

Click here to view my Youtube video. First hand news of the Coronavirus LOCKDOWN situation in France. I try not to get too political and get to fiddle with some chocs - not the edible variety. A little bit of Mega Breadvan features too.


With all this time in front of us it is important to stay occupied. Being confined as a family is quite difficult, especially for our children who are used to being "out there" meeting their friends and doing their activities. Both do theatre once a week, my son plays basketball for the local team and my daughter does dance gymnastics every Saturday morning. This has been taken away from them.
But we are all in the same boat where our kids are concerned.

As far as us grown ups, apart from the worry we all have at the moment, economically things are going to be difficult. Isabelle is only working 30% of the time, so now we are wondering how the difference will be made up at the end of the month. We are luckier than a lot of people in that we have the reserves, but even so, it is a worry. She also gets commission too, which won't be happening as the company she works for is actually closed.

On a smaller scale my English lessons have taken a battering really. At present I have 9 students on my books - out of which 8 come practically every week. Out of those I now have the 2 who are happy to have web cam lessons.

On Thursday, going out for a walk/cycle was taken away from us. So only essential trips are allowed, shopping, going to the Doctors, picking up medication from the pharmacy. Family gatherings are not allowed. So although my BIL's live less than a kilometre from us - we can't see them. Yesterday Emma had a Whatsapp webcam session with her friend who lives just down the street. Can you imagine that?

Friday saw Isabelle make a trip to the local Lidl to get in some provisions. The place was very calm contrary to other things we've heard. There seemed to be mainly shortages of sliced bread (pain de mie in French), rice and pasta. So she managed to buy everything we needed, as we already have rice and pasta.
Yesterday she had to take Dolly to the vets, for a second injection - the first had been done before the lockdown started. 100€ gone on that injection alone!
At the vets, she had to leave Dolly at the door and retreat to her car. While the vet took in the dog and did the injection. So the "social distancing" is being practiced there.

Lots of people are still being fined for being out without a reason... sadly there are a lot of ignorant selfish idiots around.

So the first week is almost over, we are probably facing another 8 or 9 weeks of this - so it is best to pace ourselves and do the jobs around the house and garden that we've not had time to do before.

In my video above, I talk about all this stuff... but I guess this entry cuts out all the waffle. :-)

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