By pensionspoet

My closest family

On this Mother’s Day, I’ve been really lucky to be able to spend it with Jon and all three ‘children’. Mum, dad, Manda and her family the next closest to me, all 100 miles away and with little prospect of seeing them for several months. The children gave me more presents and a lovely card. The flowers they gave me Friday, have pride of place too. I feel very lucky. I haven’t spoken to mum yet, but will ring her shortly, although I don’t think we have ever spoken as much since we have had this enforced distancing.

I began the day with a run with Mollie. It was great as we ran over 5km and it took us 33 minutes. We still don’t know whether my phone gives a true distance, but will base our runs on it and gradually increase. So last week it was 5.15km and today 5.95km. It was extra motivating to run with someone else. We egged each other on.

Then a day planting seeds, tidying, and preparing for working from home tomorrow. I printed out some new guidance I’d received in the week, so will start early tomorrow. Was not happy to hear that Daniel’s workplace have gone back on their plan of working from their office base one week and from home the next, this reducing the staff in the office. Instead they are work as normal. It is very shortsighted for a big employer. I worry about him because he is asthmatic, although fit and young.

I cooked a chicken casserole and we had it on our laps (on plates, before you comment!) all together in the lounge. Followed by home grown homemade plum and raspberry crumble. I found the fruit in the freezer and needed the space. The dining room table is set up for Jon to work from home. I’m working in the conservatory on the other table. I do hope our internet can cope.

We sat and watched the prime ministers live update. The journalists asked the right questions, like when are they going to enforce the social distancing, not just request it. The problem is, the arrogant idiots still carrying on as normal, are not the ones who watch. It is still hugely worrying. I wish I could close our door and not go out for 3 months. I know I could keep myself busy, I have hobbies to share. But I will be working, so won’t have the time for hobbies!!!

Please keep doing all the right things, stay at home, and stay well.

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