Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Social Distancing Enforcement

My day started with a message from the office saying everyone has to work from home from now on. No problem; I have the office laptop and the monitor we bought in January is going to come into its own. I then happened to come across the recording of what had been a live stream eight hours earlier on Instagram by my favourite recording artist Sara Groves. It was too cool to be true; and so real and honest. One of the positive things to have come out of this whole situation.

For G, it is the start of online learning for students in this country. She was on her computer, ready to support her three students. I think things will soon get streamlined and everyone will enjoy the new way of working. I had news that the request to lower the trade licence renewal cost had been approved, so I can go and pay, except I became aware of an instalment plan that the government is offering, so I inquired about that.

We both had a long telephone conversation with our friend Hilde who has moved from Oman to Amman! It might not be the best time to open a B&B in Amman, but if anyone can make it work, it will be Hilde! And then G noticed these guys putting up a physical barrier to stop entry to the park. Prior to the plywood, they had placed bunting, but I don't think people would take that as a serious deterrent! So sad, but necessary. Today, the government has closed down restaurants unless they can maintain a two-metre distance between tables. We had planned to take out friends who are permanently leaving Dubai for a meal tomorrow but have rescheduled.

We had more thunderstorms and rain in the evening, but nothing like yesterday. It was Mothering Sunday today in the UK; in the Arab world, the date is always 21st March. It's the first time I've known the two to coincide. I hope all you mums have had a good day despite the circumstances.

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