By Cheeryoscuro

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of Jo's favourite things and she's clutching a gift of some of it here. My shot is very close to Z's one today, but then we are spending a lot of time together. Mother's Day and almost Jo's 77th birthday, other larger plans have, of course, gone by the board. But those that could, gathered in a quiet spot and celebrated at arm's length. 
We had intended even today to try and do this on the beach, but unfortunately the local beaches were thronged. we were shocked and disappointed to see the lack of awareness. I posted a few photos decrying this on the local Clonakilty Facebook page and started such a shite storm I decided to delete the post after a bit. We'll all be trying to live together again in a few months.
Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers.
A few extras...

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