That Verdict

Well, it was a bit ominous hearing that Greggs had decided to shut up shop; that really is close to the bomb on Hiroshima. Another day of faffing followed by boat things - most enjoyable scraping the old jobby brown paint off the wood on either side of the companionway and applying a bit of Woodskin. 
And then the Alex Salmond verdict came in - was I surprised? Not really, once again it shows that ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ is a very high bar when it comes to these sorts of allegations which often boil down to one person’s word against another. Even when there are nine of you. And masterful from the unlikeable Gordon Jackson QC , saying ‘something doesn’t smell right,’ wafting imprecise doubt and collusion/conspiracy over it all. Apart from the ‘consensual' encounters of course; he accepted those.
What didn’t wait long was the ever helpful Joanna Cherry’s pre-prepared statement - whoosh, straight out there. Bullseye. “I am sure (!!) that.. the Chief Executive (that’s Ms Sturgeon’s other half) would welcome the opportunity (guffaw) of an independent review…”  
Anyway, later, to the main news, what we all knew was coming - ‘lockdown’ (it’s not quite) but it’s all closing in. One walk a day is allowed so I know which direction that’ll take me in. One coat of Woodskin is never enough but when I’m doing the twenty first coat in three weeks time...

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