Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Lockdown Day 2 - Fishley Sunrise

I woke up early to take my morning walk before sunrise, timing it to be out on the canal towpath at this location as the sun rose.  I'm sure I've taken almost the same image before, but there are limited opportunities for a clear view on the canal embankment, because of trees and bushes.

It was another glorious day.  L was set up in the study to work, though it took her two hours to log in to the hospital network,  It appears they decided to change her log in credentials without telling her!

I spent the day in the garden, starting with some movement of plants, to better positions.  The afternoon was taken up with the significant task of trimming a leylandii hedge in our neighbour's garden.  This hedge was allowed to grow out of control a few years ago and is now about 7 metres high.  It requires ladders to be able to reach and trim the upper sections and even then the hedge trimmer has to be used on an extended pole.  It's a job well done, but I'm aching all over after contorting myself to complete the trimming.

Day Miles: 3.8 miles       Total Miles: 380.3 miles

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