love light

By lrw


This was a small patio area outside a small shop in Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. I don't know if it's been an issue elsewhere but here in Canada there's been a lot of panic buying of especially toilet paper. Stupid, really. But this friendly prairie town has the right idea.

I have fallen in love with the prairies. I've always wanted to see them and now I understand why. It is so beautiful here, even in this, the most ugliest of seasons.

The extras show a bit more of our trip, games on the road, group photos on suspension bridges, prairie scenes.

The sunset is Fannystelle, Manitoba. We talked to man there and asked how they were coping with the social isolation. He looked around at the very small, sparse village and said they were always isolated so it feels pretty normal to him.

More on our adventure in the next few days...

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