love light

By lrw

Almost home?

We are finally in Ontario, our home province. It's taken four days to get here and if we were to travel at our current pace it will be four more to reach Toronto. But we are anxious about how much of the world is shutting down because of this COVID thing. We are finding it harder and harder to find even the most basic of things. We feel a need to get home, as fast as possible.

The kids don't seem to mind too much. They have their games and occasional cell phone use. This scene has happened so many times. The girls are sisters, Sebastian is their cousin. They get along wonderfully.

The extras are a few scenes from our travels today. It started to snow quite a bit late in the day today. We've been lucky to have had four days of clear, sunny days for our travelling so it is hard to complain. But that snow made for a much more difficult drive. 

More on our adventure in the next couple of days...

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