Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Give a man a jet washer.....

A little more gardening this morning, lunch and then I mentioned that the cars could do with a wash!
One of our cars is an old Ford Focus that has not been washed for so long, it had moss growing around the windows!
My husband was not so enthusiastic about this task especially as I said we needed to do them by hand to get rid of the worst of the dirt. But we set about the task in the sunshine and then after we’d done the old car, I suggested that maybe now was the time to get out the jetwasher to rinse off all the suds and remaining debris. He jumped at the chance. It’s much more fun than hand washing!
Or so he thought, until he realised that he’d have to do our neighbours car as well as it was so close and now looking decidedly dirty....

I can’t complain though as I don’t ever remember him washing our cars before like this - he’d rather spend a few quid on a car wash at the garage.

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