Half way through

The thing is, it always looks a big mess when you're half way through the tidying, sorting, selecting and putting away of the sewing stuff. The blip is the twisted leg of the chair I fetched from the UK, it was Nan's war time wedding chair. I painted it white, instead of leaving it gruesome brown. My friend Livia rang in the middle of this work, and I stopped to chat for an hour or so, she's working in school with no pupils. Everything is done by distance methods, but the staff still have to take themselves to school. Bit mad. Very nice to hear her voice, less wonderful to hear how things are in Italy where he family live. A war zone, said R who lives in Rome.

Today Sweden's government issued a "strong recommendation" not to travel to the skiing areas and other rural areas. The question was asked in English at the press conference "Why don't you use the word shall instead of a recommendation?". The answer was so very indicative of Sweden, it was about how the wording isn't legally binding but that it was the strongest wording outside of a legal ban, and that group pressure on individuals would help them to make good choices and stay home. I think it is likely to work as well, pressure is building from the mountain areas themselves, and from the vast majority who are following all the recommendations already.

The ban on gatherings of 500 or more is now 50 or more, with fines or a prison sentence for breaking that law. and again, the conversation was about how the level of 500 wasn't a law but had worked very well, and how people were expected to keep to the 50 limit, and take it as a sensible indication of what is acceptable or not. And reduce gatherings further, without being beaten round the head with something heavy.

I really love the way things work here, almost all the time. 

My Facebook friend's son (I think) has updated his page to say that he's still in hospital and is stable. Nearly 300 people had written best wishes, and some were very very worried, so it was good to know something. Another friend who was on the ski trip with Keith has probably got the virus, from the timing it looks like he got it from the person he sat next to on the plane home. He's at home, has been feeling rough but isn't getting any wore now. So it creeps closer....

The mess of sewing things - what was that all about? I was thinking Keith should have his own yoga cushion, now that he's training fairly regularly. And I want to make myself a book support-cushion using the same buck wheat husks. So, nothing too ambitious! I also have about a dozen items of clothing that need altering or cutting up and making into something else, and an unsuccessful thing or two that needs rescuing. And a Christmas bag or three that need making to give away.

It's very damp outside, around 10 degrees and puddles everywhere. The earth cellar is full of water and all my joints are creaking at me. We did yoga this morning and I think I need to do another session before bed. We decided to go back to the 5:2 way of eating and have had a fasting day today. I felt very good on that regime, which i did for 2 years or more - I also  gained about 10 kilos in the time, so it isn't a way of dieting for me! I really should do a proper fast in order to take the edge off the seasonal hurts - but right now, a lovely meal to sit down to seems like a very encouraging part of our locked down days. I don't want to give that up.

Wishing you all a happy weekend, even the PM and the minister for health, uncle Tom Cobbly and all, TGIF!!

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