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By Connections

In a Tight Spot

This young male Douglas squirrel was surprisingly dainty in his eating habits -- not only did he exit the bird feeder with just one sunflower seed in his mouth, he also lingered on the deck railing (see extra), rather than eating the seed, and seemed to pose for me.

After finally enjoying the sunflower seed, he sat up on his hind legs and offered a full side pose, a partly turned toward the trees pose, and a full back pose, displaying the full glory of his bushy tail. It was quite a show!

(I'm behind on your journals, but will catch up this weekend.)

Blip 2060

[COVID-19 statistics for Whatcom County today: 92 confirmed cases,  544 negative results and 4 deaths. One week ago there were 10 confirmed cases, 240 negative results, and 1 death.] 

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