While on my runs

By waipushrink

Day Five; Not an essential service

Another day at the hospital; one that had more than its share of problems and unpleasant events. No viral matters, however. By afternoon, everything was much quieter, and I came away home where I put my work clothes in the washing machine, washed my habds and went for a walk the length of Ponsonby Road. Before I reached Ponsonby Road, I passed the "Community Hall" beside the place where I have three times seen Wayne, spoken with him and posted his photo. Not only was Wayne not there, nor were any of the others who came regularly on a Monday for a free nourishing meal.

The doors into the Community Hall are locked, and there are signs on the glass about the virus that threatens us all. Perhaps it threatens the homeless rather more, and then because they wander the streets in a seemingly random way, perhaps that threatens all who pass nearby if they are ill.

A different community group to that which was feeding the homeless, has apparently sourced funding to house mentally ill homeless who are not ill enough to warrant inpatient admission. They are using unfilled motel rooms.I am pleased that this has happened and today we were able to discharge someone to that accommodation to continue his recovery from a methamphetamine psychosis.

Good things sometimes come from bad situations.

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