Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

9 years

I feel so blessed at this extra ordinary and worrying time in the world that I am so connected to you all.  As they say -   "We are all in it together".  Somehow it is easier to bear when the burden is shared.  I take comfort from reading where you are at and sharing your days.

I know I am also blessed in that I still have a job, I am healthy and so are my family at the moment, and I have food in the fridge and toilet paper in the cupboard.

I am grateful for all your comments and gifts and those that just drop by.  I am not the best of commenters at the moment but you are all in my thoughts.

I know we are going to get through this and will come out the other end.  The world may not quite be the same place but you will all be there and blipfoto will carry on I am sure.

A quick shout out of thanks to the directors and community team that keeps us going. 

Stay safe everyone and much love from me.

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