By GracieG

A Morning of Toil's me again...My owners have been busy in the garden today.  As soon as I heard the lawnmower I was straight through the cat flap and into the safety of the conservatory.  Then the warm sunshine and a soft fleecy blanket were just too tempting to resist...zzz.

They decided to plant a small box tree in the front garden.  You would think that would be an easy job wouldn't you?  Once the gravel and anti-weed membrane was pulled back it was just a case of digging a hole big enough.  Well...apparently the ground was rock hard and full of flint and stones, not to mention a second weed membrane a foot below the first one...not sure why that was, must have been the previous folk who lived here who put that in. cut a long story short, It took them hours and looked like very hard work, it took so long in fact that they were late giving me my lunchtime cat biscuits!  Standards are definitely slipping!

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