By Teasel


Back to the kitchen table today.  TT has sorted out a space upstairs in the spare bedroom – his new office, and BB has the desk top computer in another room, so we are all spread out. I wasn’t looking forward to catching up with my in box, but it wasn’t too bad.  Lots of emails, but lots of chains, that I could ignore as they had been dealt with and were no longer relevant.  We had a Divisional meeting, then I caught up with my team.  Then I had to settle down to work.  However BB was hungry, then he was looking for a some help with something or other, then it was lunchtime.

After lunch I had a call with a colleague who told me he hasn’t shaved since we were sent home from work, but we couldn’t get the video call to work, so I couldn’t see him.  Another colleague has shaved his hair off, as he can’t get to the barber.  We’re all going to look quite different by the time we get back to the office.

I got stuck into a piece of work quite late in the day, and was determined to keep going with it, which meant tea was late, as I lost all track of time and no one interrupted me.  I hadn’t been out of the house all day, so eventually headed out for my daily exercise just as it was getting dark.  The I baked  a banana loaf to use up some bananas.

I was blipless, but snapped these daffs when I was out this evening.


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