By FlyingPRGal

Supermarket Sweep

I finally decided to brave the big Sainsbury’s supermarket as there’s certain things I can’t get in village stores. I headed over just after 7pm giving me an hour before closing.

Armed with my plastic gloves, baby wipes and washable plastic bags (I left my fabric bags at home as they’re harder to wash) I headed into the store with my shopping list and SmartShop app activated on my phone.

What a palaver trying to navigate the app on touch screen with plastic gloves while holding a shopping list and dodge other shoppers. I was wearing my buff too (in case I’m asymptomatic) so was a bit warm.

I picked a good time as the store was relatively quiet and the shoppers I did come across mostly respected a distance although some shoppers idea of 2m is questionable! I did a few 360• turns and ‘dances in the aisle’ with a few people and we had a laugh about it.

Meanwhile a few staff members hurried by rather close to me and others and seemed agitated. I tried to move out of the way but was not quick enough to get the appropriate distance as they cut behind me. I wonder how they’re being treated by management and the hours they’re working. The staff in the local shops seem much happier and more aware of social distancing.

My neighbour asked me for some posh honey which I found. As I left the store there was freshly baked bread on offer for free. I picked up a loaf for my neighbour as I’m gluten free. It smelt amazing in the car on the way home.

I bought mini Easter chocolate treats for my family knowing I may have to store them for a while and picked one up for myself too. It reminded me that for lent this year I’m giving up 40 ‘things’ to donate to charity. I must dig out the bag from the cupboard I started some weeks ago.

I also made a list when I got home (after wiping down shopping, binning cardboard and washing plastic bags) of the 20 things I want to get done in April. I’m looking forward to ticking items off the list.

I got the idea from this podcast. Happy listening!

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