Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

The Virus is still dancing cha cha cha with me... One step forward, two steps back... And I can't but follow it in the ups and downs (or rather side to side... my cha cha skills have faded a bit. :D ). So, I'm resting and crocheting, mostly resting. My mind is telling me to do all those creative things, but my body doesn't have the energy to follow through. Small chores done during the day. 
Before my friend came over with groceries I went out to check the mail box. It's just a couple of meters from my front door. I have my own entrance too, so not a huge risk to bump into my three neighbours, fortunately. When I came out the wind was blowing fiercely and the rain was falling. I stood outside after checking my mail box, just breathing in the fresh air. Since I live in the corner downstairs flat I have no neighbours passing my door. It was so nice just standing there, shawl around my face, breathing. 
Thankfully the really bad weather had stopped when my friend arrived. She put the bag on the ground and backed away when we exchanged a few words. Me, with my shawl around my face, and she at some meters distance. It was good to see her face though. :) She's still working, so we both too precautions.
My crocheting is slowly getting larger. It takes time though! I'm not even at the colour change yet! Perhaps it will be finished when I'm allowed outside and back to work. Who knows?
I told my friend later in the chatt, that I look forward to getting out for a walk, to go back to work, to get my bike home and also to (hopefully) be immune to this years Covid-19 virus. 

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