I Witness

By KangaZu

Squirrel Blip Friday .....

.... Stay-at-home order!

Since we are under a stay-at-home order by our governor .... the squirrels are also adhering to the order!  We are all taking the coronavirus seriously!  I have added an extra from my little photo shoot. And you can see another photo on my NuttinButSquirrels journal.  I've used this prop before but I made a slight modification.  It's now the Nut House ... because we are all going a little nuts!

R and I stayed home most of the day ... only going out later after supper for a very quick walk up at our local high school.  We only encountered one other person walking where we were and we made sure to keep our social distance.  

COVID-19 by the numbers (as of 12 PM today 4/3/20):
Positive cases in Pennsylvania  - 8,420 (an increase of 1,404)
Negative cases in Pennsylvania - 53,695
Number of deaths in Pennsylvania  - 102 ( 12 more than yesterday)
Cases in Northampton County - 466 (10 deaths)

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