By dunkyc


I’ve been focussing so much on the writing element of Blip that the core photography side has been neglected somewhat, so I was determined to capture a worthy image from our daily exercise route.

I think today’s image is a solid representation of that famous Robert Burns quote that “the best laid plans o’ mice and men, gang aft a-gley” - which in turn reminded me of this slice of genius.

Curious walk today. I’m keen that the children and I get the exercise that we need, but I can’t deny that it’s not a relaxing walk out with them, particularly when they are on their scooters.

I also saw genuine fear from another walker today. We’d stopped briefly on a fairly narrow path as we’d bumped into the children’s grandparents and - at the required distance - were having a quick chat as we hadn’t seen them in a while. Whilst there was still plenty of room to pass us on the path, this one lady walking her dog, had her face and body completely covered, simply would not pass us, presumably feeling that there wasn’t enough room.

Sensing her understandable reluctance and trepidation, we brought our brief conversation to a close and carried on our way. I’ll confess, I initially rolled my eyes at this woman’s strict adherence to the guidelines, but I only needed a quick glance at the news to tell me that her caution was well advised and that we should all be doing the same. 

Not sure we’ll be taking the scooters out again for a little while….

Stay healthy.

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