Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Piper's Protest

Well, we got the promised snow.  The heat is back on and there's a fire in the fireplace.  I still have a sunburn on my arms from my bike ride a few days ago but it seems winter hasn't given up yet.  Piper was not pleased when her dad went out to shovel the deck so she plopped herself in a big pile and refused to move.  PD had to shovel around her and leave her personal snow pile in place.  

I got out my nylon string guitar today.  The strings were surprisingly intact so I cut my fingernails and played for a few hours.  It is amazing how all the old songs came back to me and I was able to work out the chords of the ones I'd forgotten.  Muscle memory even helped me remember my fingerpicking.  My finger tips are beyond sore and are now numb and tingly.  It feels so strange when I'm typing.  I'm glad I didn't try my steel string guitar because my fingers would probably be bleeding!  

Besides that, it's been a quiet day with just the three of us - like all the other days this past month.  It doesn't feel like a holiday, although Becky sent us an Easter Bunny cake.  I forgot I wanted to add a photo of it so I'll come back and add it as an extra.  It's so cute that we'll hate to cut it but we're planning on having it for dessert tonight. :-)

I am grateful to my brother for suggesting I play my guitar again!  It felt so good to play and sing and I look forward to spending more time doing it!  My brother and I spent many happy hours playing and singing together and I hope we'll be able to do it again soon. :-)

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