By Nokinnikon


This image was taken in the july of 2010, i was tasked and accredited by an agency to photograph the Formula 1 and other historical gatherings at the Silverstone race track and elsewhere. Im putting this up today cause death has claimed yet another mega star- some say you should never meet your idols-well as ever Sir Stirling Moss proves he is the man to debunk that saying! 
What a gent ,his wife, what a lady such nice nice people.
The car he is sat in is his number "24" when he turned up to do the photo-shoot he turned up in a sponsor decaled wheelchair with a racing number on the side panels (awhile before, he fell down a lift shaft and broke his leg) he then leapt out of it jumped into the cockpit of his trusty steed and we all started to shoot. 
His phone rang and he promptly answered it, i dropped to my knee's twisted his wing mirror and captured him chatting up some female journalist on the phone.(his agent recoiled in horror when i turned the mirror but he waved him off) he had at his home 1 portfolio of cuttings from his racing endeavours and another for his "crumpet" he could count how many gear changes, read dials, race in a race and check for crumpet in the crowd all at once and spare her a wave then go on to win a race, he was every bit the english gent, a cad a bounder and cut quite a dash- Sir Stirling Moss, rest in peace my hero!!!!!
Death was caused though a chest infection he acquired in Singapore.

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