Day's End

It was a strange day, weather-wise.  It poured rain all night and morning and then it grew sunny, followed by some violent thunderstorms and now it is sunny again and quite balmy.

I spent most of the day engrossed in Photoshop classes.  Photographer Dave Cross pulled together about 20 Photoshop experts from around the world and offered a week of free classes,  Today there were 8-45 minute classes, some of which were excellent and I managed to get through most of them, but started to fade at the end of the day during a session that got down in the weeds about composites, and assumed I was far more capable than I am. Nevertheless, I plan to tune in again tomorrow.  So no time for photos, except for this shot of my glass of wine. If you are interested in this, the link is HERE.

I do love a glass of wine, but have never been one to drink wine at home.  I usually have one glass if we are out to dinner.  Since our quarantine, however, I have started to have a glass each evening.  I find that by the end of the day, especially when the federal press conference comes on TV, I have an anxious tummy and this helps a lot.  Since we are going nowhere these days, our neighbor stopped by recently and asked if we needed anything from the liquor store.  I asked for 10 bottles soI am sure they think I am quite a lush.  Anyway, I will be set for quite a while. 

We had a fabulous Facetime with our 3-year-old granddaughter this afternoon.  She read us stories, and my husband played the violin and harmonica for her and I tapped out a few tunes on the piano. Then she proceeded to "cook" us dinner in her little kitchen and then called us back later when she had set out place settings on a picnic blanket in her room so we could all enjoy our pretend "feast" together.  We have not seen her since January so are very dependent on Facetime.  Sometimes it is hard to engage her but today went very well. 

Covid 19 as of 4/13/2020 - 
Montgomery County  1756 confirmed cases, 38 deaths 
Maryland  8936 confirmed cases, 262deaths
U.S.   554,859 cases,  21,942 deaths 

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