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I was allowed out today, chauffeuring Mrs B to the nearest large(ish) supermarket.  I have had to adjust my view of Tesco: for me it was the Satan of Supermarkets, owing to its various practices which culminated a few years ago in the accounts-fixing scandal; but the branch at Sandy has been a model of good management.  It's relatively new and the staff were good right from the start, but since the CV-19 problem their organisation has met the various challenges with professionalism, care and good humour.  Well done the Sandy Tesco!

On the way there I spotted this carpet of bluebells; part of the woodland has been fenced off, unfortuntely, but this part was accessible without treading on the flowers themselves.

I tried some wideangle action, 8mm ultrawide, 16mm superwide and 23mm wide(ish) and the latter did the job.  I'm having some difficulty making proper use of the 8mm Laowa, but I'll persevere post CV-19 with different subjects.

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