By Janashields


Work for 3 of us today as Eli started back as an OT/Physio Helper-so worried about her being back on the front line with all the comments that I've seen about lack of PPE. I'm also worried about  not knowing what is going to happen about her possibly having to sign up to a Trust to complete 6 months of work.  She's had an email today requiring her to give all her personal details to Health Education England and to name 2 Trusts that she would be prepared to work at.  This is so difficult as our local bus service has been scrapped due to Covid 19, she can't afford a car and can't lift share if she had to work at Telford or Oswestry hospitals as lift sharing has also been stopped due to Covid 19. 
 Lunch at home by the pond-probably a good job I didn't have to justify my journey-home from work with a tub full of tadpoles that George had rescued from a rut in a field which had now dried out and back with a Rosemary plant I'd grown from a cutting and had offered to Andrew for his new veg garden. Honestly it's much better for my physical and mental health to escape from the hospital. Beautiful weather but no butterflies and the only birds were the constant Blackbirds and Robins expecting me to keep feeding them as their young made demands.  
Might possibly back blip 1 of my Aviemore pics tonight if time doesn't run away with me again.

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