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By walkingMarj

Searching for stones

I set out early for my walk today, at about 10 am, and took the path by the river. In the next field the crop is growing nicely. I wondered what the tractor was doing and stood to observe. 

The two lads in the scoop were looking for large stones. When one was spotted, the tractor stopped and the lad in question jumped off and carried the boulder back to the scoop.

They waved and laughed when they saw me with the camera. By the time I took this shot they were looking a bit shy, but the tractor driver is waving.

I met very few people. My route on the road was a bit hairy because it's quite twisty and the cars and lorries came rather fast. I'm delighted to hear tonight that we can take our cars a short distance to go walking. I think this will make it safer for me.

I visited a delightful wood and took a wrong turn on my return. I found myself walking by the river North Tyne on what was a fisherman's path. It was delightful but not a public right of way. The river is now quite low and I thought it might be possible to wade across at Haughton Castle, where the map says there is a right of way. I'm not going to try!

I saw my first garlic flowers, red campion and buttercups. The wood anemones are still lovely. The hawthorn trees are suddenly covered with leaves and lots of buds. 

I was back to do a late lunch for us and then I had a lovely afternoon nap, so not much achieved today.

We tried to watch the National Theatre's production of Treasure Island but the dark sets and small subtitles made it too hard for Mum so we abandoned it.

I was out at 8pm and took a very old set of cow bells. They hung in the hallway at Auntie Louie and Auntie Lizzie's house and I used to ring them when I was young. I asked for them when the house was cleared and they hang in my garage now. 

Margret had a large goat bell from Greece, bought during her honeymoon with Guy. There is a very romantic story to go with this, which results in the birth of their first born 9 months later!

It was grey and cold while I was out, but that was perfect for walking at speed.

Life in the time of Covid 19
We had a lovely chat tonight with our friend, the other Marjorie, in Hexham. She is always cheerful so it is a delight to speak to her.

The lockdown continues. That is no surprise. I would like to see the rate of deaths ease off. We still appear to be following Italy, just a couple of weeks behind.

The opening of the news briefings are repetitive. I wonder if it is wise to say that we have taken the "right" decisions? It would be better to say, we have taken the best decisions we could at the time. No one can expect more.

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