In Seclusion Week 5.

In seclusion sounds more peaceful and soulful.

I have been looking through our library and have decided I really need to create a database of our books. I keep discovering books which I had forgotten about. It is such a delight.

Today’s two bookshelves are in our interior’s and crafts section which is next to Pat’s work area.

I came across an interesting quote from William Morris.

"Both my historical studies and my practical conflict with the philistinism of modern society have forced on me the conviction that art cannot have a real life and growth under the present system of commercialism and profit-mongering."

We suffered a power cut today, which surprised me a little. After checking that our circuitry was not to blame, I walked out to check our neighbours were also without the necessary flow of electrons. No juice either.

A quick phone call to the Electricity Emergency Number confirmed that they were aware of the breakdown in our area, and that they would reset the grid remotely and send an engineer to check the infrastructure. All should be back on line within 2 hours.

I disconnected the trickle charger to the Boxster and intended to report to Pat. Walking from the entrance, everything springs into life. Alexa reports that she is alive and well and a quick check shows all is "hunky dory" to use a technical term.

Mildly surprised at the increase in sound level as all these electrical devices are running again.

More phone calls and I have an interesting chat with Herr Doktor HJ Beyer, our Atomic Physics Consultant who keeps a very low profile as far as modern digital technology is concerned.

I was inquiring if he had heard from Ian Charles Scott who had painted my portrait in 1986 and HJ’s shortly thereafter.

 I inquired as to the address. He lives in Brooklyn. Open Apple Maps. Feeding in the first five digits of the street name and number. The correct address is top of the list. Immediately I am looking at Brooklyn. Switch to satellite 3D view, close in on the house, take screenshots of the front and back of the property. Even Ian’s car is parked outside. I then email the screenshots to a slightly bemused HJ who now begins to see the advantages of an iPhone.

Can I sell him mine and get a new one? It is a thought that appeals to HJ.

We discuss the utter stupidity of our politicians who will dither rather than act.

I then ask Alexa to play "Nellie the Elephant", which he had never heard before but rather enjoyed.

And now for a little libation and another piece of chocolate cake.

Please stay safe whilst "in seclusion".

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