Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


This is the old Royal Infirmary where I started my nursing career many moons ago - in 1979 to be precise. It's now being redeveloped for housing, retail and offices and some of it, including the flats in this view, has been inhabited for quite some time. It's still being redeveloped, although that has come to a halt for the time being.

This was a different excursion from the ones I've done recently and, as I thought, the cherry trees on the Meadows weren't yet at their peak, so I'll probably go back in a few days and have another look. The blossom doesn't last long though, particularly if it's windy, as it nearly always is in Edinburgh. There were quite a lot of people about and in the streets it was sometimes difficult to keep to the two metre rule and it certainly wasn't relaxing. But probably worth it overall. It was a beautiful, sunny day as you can see - but with a very cold east wind blowing, so I actually had gloves on for most of the time.

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