By Colgaize82

A Splash of Yellow

I love the colour yellow and how it bounces off a background of green, smacks you between the eyes and gives you a warm kiss and a squeeze. I’m a firm believer that we should all add a splash of yellow to our lives, wherever we can.

I had a lovely chat with one of my very best friends this evening and when I came off the phone from her, I was thinking that if she were a colour, she’d definitely be yellow...

This may have been associated with the fact that I was cuddling a yellow cushion whilst talking to her; it may also have been because I’d just watched a birthday video in which she looked beautiful in her yellow dress.

It was probably however, because she is quite possibly the most energising, discerning and generous spirited person I know. She’s going to have a baby and she’s not aware of it yet, but she’ll be the best mother any child could ever hope for because she has so much love to give- she’s absolutely bursting with the stuff!

I’m missing her very much and I can’t wait to sit and fix the world with her again soon.

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