Cherry blossom in the churchyard

Difficult to concentrate on anything for any length of time today, but managed lots of things in short bursts -

Some domestic stuff, including a load of washing done, hung out to dry in the 'yard, and put away.
Secured a click-and-collect slot at Sainsbury's for Thursday, so put together an order. MrM is already looking forward to the trip to Kelso to collect it!
Two tunes on the mandolin.
A little admin.
A couple of hours in the 'yard - repotted some plants in to a larger container, and started to clean the concrete. Note to self: when funds permit, buy a pressure washer!
Twenty-five minutes on the exercise bike (12.5 km). Ouch!
Same two tunes on the mandolin (takes me a long while to learn a tune...).

And, in the evening, to stretch our legs, a walk down to the Wooler Water with MrM. On the way we went in to St Mary's churchyard and admired the cherry blossom. It's glorious just now, as is the magnolia (extra) at the side of the church, and the grass is covered in wild flowers.

Lockdown, day 29

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