By Ingeborg

Angry spice

Cooking Indonesian today (for us and for the neighbour, her partner is still in ICU and no good progress, such a sad story too), one of the dishes is tomato sambal = tomato chilli sauce. I thought this red chilli pepper looked angry, and reflects my mood after another day of chasing the various authorities who don't seem to know who is in charge of letting non-EU citizens in and keep referring us to and fro. Torn between utter frustration and sadness.

Remember tomorrow's optional theme for Abstract Thursday is 'flora', anything both plant-like and abstract is fine. The tag will be AT252.

Today's personal Lockdown Top10 song (I'd really feel like posting a very angry song like the Pretender by the Foo Fighters, but I'll spare you that and introduce a Dutch hit) : Danny Vera - Rollercoaster

Thanks so much for the kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's little water bowl.

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