By seizetheday

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary

We don't have any garden furniture in our 'yard, as it's not really big enough. And not usually sunny enough to sit out, except for early morning when the sun peeps over the wall for a while. We got our act together this morning - while I found the folding table, MrM went out to the car and fetched the picnic chairs. Breakfast outside, sitting in the sun - lovely!

Some of the morning spent amending our on-line grocery order. It's now HUGE as it includes groceries for two local friends. One is self isolating and not keen to order on-line, the other should be self-isolating but hasn't so far been able to register for on-line shopping.

After an afternoon spent mostly pottering working in the 'yard, I joined MrM for an evening walk, on a route we've walked several times before but always the other way round. This time we went up Cheviot Street, continued up through the fields, over the ridge, down past the Pin Well, and home. As we walked through the valley near Pin Well we spotted an unusual sight in the sky - a plane and its vapour trail! A rare occurrence since the beginning of lockdown...

Lockdown, day 30

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