One of those days when I started with breakfast and then felt ravenous all day....sure I’m better off avoiding eating first thing. Another day at the screenface and delighted to get a delivery of some Grasmere gingerbread from K as a reminder of our trip to the Lakes last year. News came on the likely continuation of distancing measures....when will be the next time we can plan trips and linger in restaurants and galleries?
I must have overdone the exercise a bit yesterday...aching legs today, still, just as well given how much I’ve been eating!
Got quite a lot done today then headed out for a walk.Went via the bike shed since I’d heard there was access now....shock horror my bike’s gone. I suspect they assumed it was’s probably 2 years since I’ve used it. No idea if I might be able to retrieve it...what an idiot.
Walked down to Morningside and back home via the Grange admiring all the spring flowers in people’s gardens (extra)
Home and chatted to A as she drove back from a shift in critical care looking after COVID patients. She was very tired, but had learned a lot and will be going back. She was choked up because as she drove out of the hospital people were standing on the street clapping.....what an extraordinary time.

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