By cyclops

Night Blossoms


Lots of time on conference calls.  Didn't get enough done before and between them. Still, lots of good things happening at work so that's something - but it's not quiet!

CyclopsJnr had a bad dream at about 6:30 this morning and wasn't himself until after breakfast.  He seems to have done well at his school work today though, and we had a nice time this evening.

I didn't get out at all today so it was another evening walk for me.  I'm quite enjoying the streetlit blossoms.

I had the old R.E.M album "Out of Time" on, which was perhaps unwise.  It added to the apocalyptic feel of the quiet.  I was quite pleased when a bus drove past.  LRT is brilliant - whatever the weather or circumstances there are always buses running.  I only remember once in my 22+ years in Edinburgh when they actually pulled the buses completely for severe weather - and even then it was for less than 12 hours.

It was also funny to see a plane flying over on its way out of Edinburgh.  For the last year or so I've flown out of and in to Edinburgh pretty often - a couple of times a month at least.  We live far enough from the flight path we don't hear planes in the house, but near enough that we hear them if we're outside and it's quiet on the roads.  Their absence is conspicuous. I suspect it was a cargo flight.  The idea of flying somewhere feels pretty alien at the moment...

Still, the blossoms bloom and the buses are running - all is well.

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