One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Paddling the pandemic blues away

All things considered, the Rahenies are lucky. 
We are still employed, we eat every day (and rather well), we have each other (that's mostly a positive thing, I assure you), we have WiFi (actually this one should have perhaps gone top of the list), we spend fuck all money and we have quite a scenic 2 km radius with lovely bits of sea for our daily permissible physical exercise session. 

Today I took Mimi for a wee paddle out of Bollix Harbour. It was actually not so smooth and quiet past the harbour wall and we did not venture too far. Just to the Forty Foot and back. They can fence it off all they want, they can't prevent us from reaching it by sea. 

Unless the Council get their hands on submerged mines. 

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