By biddy

Change in the weather.

A cooler day with rain overnight, after showers at the end of the afternoon yesterday.
I had to sort out the car insurance documents this morning, as we now get them electronically (at our request). Only I’d forgotten my username and password! Typical!
I have all my other ones for various things kept in a safe place.
This meant I needed to set up an account once more. Bit of a faff, but it worked, and I printed off the document.
The car is in my name. We only ever have had one.
After doing all that I had a letter to write, which took me some time, as part way through my mobile rang, It was one of our grandchildren wanting to show us what he had been making It necessitated me going down from the loft room with my phone, to the first floor little “office” ( which used to be the small bedroom) to collect grandad on the way and go downstairs to sit together so we could both be seen by our grandson Toby, 4, after his mum rang us on FaceTime.
He had been making a machine out of which could come “orange juice, cucumber juice and “definitely not” purple juice! “ He was very proud of it.
Our one year old granddaughter wanted to climb onto their kitchen table where the “machine” was being demonstrated to look behind the phone to see where we were!
Everyone then decamped out of the kitchen to the lounge where Libby 7, wanted to chat with us, and Sammy 8 showed us his new haircut, (expertly done by his mum). He had had a “Go faster stripe” done with electric clippers! Apparently some Chelsea football club footballer has one, and they are all the rage!
We had no idea and looked it up on google. If you do the same it comes up with photos.
We were on FaceTime for 40 minutes. So good to see them all.
I went back afterwards to finish my letter.
After our lunch we went in the car to deliver the letter enclosed with a book, just popping it through the letterbox in a large envelope.
It was warmer this afternoon and occasionally the sun managed to peep through the clouds.
New Hall Valley Country Park was just at the end of the road where we had parked the car, so we went for a stroll.
Good to be out in the fresh air and greenery. I took some photos.
There were just a few others about but not many. Some dog walkers, some couples, some with children. There was so much space that it wasn’t hard to socially distance. And when we did come across anyone on the same path coming towards us we all smiled and acknowledged the need to move two metres or more to one side.
The rest of this week’s weather is looking cool and wet, so it was good to make the most of today.
The garden does need some rain I must admit.
Last night as I went to put the hedgehog mealworms in his dish, I had to be careful not to step on the snails which had appeared everywhere after the late afternoon and evening showers. I have a torch.
I’ve heard today that the present incumbent of the White House has not appeared at the Corona virus briefings since the day of the Dettol.
Is there hope for November?

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