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Wide Wednesday

Rock Area is hosting this week and the topic is tree/ trees. Yet another shot taken from my bedroom in isolation, I’ve taken a few from there this week. 

The large tree in the distance is a gum tree at the end of our street. There used to be a few of them but they are getting old and starting to become a hazard for people, property and power lines. I don’t think it will last too much longer. 

On Monday I posted a blip with similar view and noticed the swirly effect from the window gauze. Trisharooni tells me it is called a moire effect. It is not as prominent in this shot but I was interested to hear it was a known phenomena and not my eyes playing tricks on me. We put security screens on all the windows following a break in a few years ago. It makes me feel a lot safer. We live in the CBD and have a lot of passers by, some not keen on abiding by the law. 

A cold change has arrived (via) Antarctica. It’s raining and the temperature is scheduled to drop over the next couple of days with snow expected on the higher ground. I’m looking forward to my new digital piano arriving soon, hopefully tomorrow. Good to come with the bleak weather forecast. 

No new Covid 19 cases locally (19 across Australia) but sadly another death in an aged care facility. Our government is starting to talk about the future and how social distancing will continue for awhile yet but with easing on the numbers allowed to gather together in a home. We went shopping today, third outing in two weeks. The shops are quiet and there are plenty of car parks available. It’s sort of nice! The supermarket has a hand wash facility at the entrance and they disinfect the trolleys between customers. Plus they have erected large Perspex shields to protect staff and you take and pack your own carry bags. All good ideas and I hope they will continue after the crisis eases.

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