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By Sallymair

Cat tricks

Pickle gulps down her food very quickly and then is often sick almost immediately. A number of years ago Ali got her this bowl. It's intended for dogs, but the idea is that the bumps in the base of the bowl stop the dog, or in this case cat, from being able to get their head into the bowl and hoovering up the contents! Pickle has developed the skill though of pulling each bit of food out, really quickly, with her paw and it hardly takes any longer, still it's worked as it has slowed her intake down enough to prevent the sickness. Clever cat, not clever enough though to have worked out that tipping it upside down would work even better!!!

Not such a nice day today, I feel we are waiting for the promised rain. The temperature isn't too bad though. I got my Pin reminder for my bank card today, I'd forgotten it again and my reminder clue didn't mean a thing to me!! I needed to find a cash machine though in order to enter the pin before I could used the card contactless - first world problems! Still at least I got to go for a drive in the car looking for a quiet place to use a cash machine.

I watered the roses today which may have seemed a bit of a pointless exercise given the forecast, but I'd sprayed the greenfly at the weekend and the resultant carnage looked most unpleasant.

Keep well everybody, Wednesday again, half way through another week already. Keep smiling - although if you wear a mask it's hard for people to tell when you do!

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