There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Green Umbrella World

The morning sunshine looked glorious from the front porch, and I saw some beams of light that almost seemed to be highlighting a spot along the edge of the woods. In looking closer, I realized the light was favoring a stand of mayapples. They come up every April about this time.

Within the coming few weeks, each plant will develop one or more white flowers, which will eventually turn into small, very hard, green apples. I understand that mayapples are part of the family Podophyllum, and that clusters of plants like these are colonies that grow from a single root.

But the poet in me sees a little world of green umbrellas, lit in such a lovely way by the early morning sun. It would please me to see some of the wee denizens of our property hanging out under these umbrellas, having snacks and drinks - like at a cafe. Just for fun, let's call it the Critter Cafe.  :-) And if it rains, well, let it rain, for we smaller creatures shall stay dry and happy under our green umbrellas.

Here is a song for the green umbrella world: Bing Crosby, Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella.

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