Day Thirty-six; Parcels for homeless persons

After work today I had a medium length walk before joining my Peer Review group in a Zoom meeting. Over the least couple of weeks I have noticed a lot of activity by the Community Hall on Great North Road near the corner with Pollen Street. This is a church owned (or leased) space which first entered my awareness in November last year when talking with Wayne.

Then it was providing a hot evening meal to all who turned up at the right time. As I came back past the entrance, I saw a man carrying a large plastic container of what appeared to be soup, which he put into a covered trailer attached to a car. I stopped and asked what was happening, and he said that he was taking food to some of the homeless persons (who of course are in lockdown like the rest of us). 

I said that I was aware that an evening meal was provided on Mondays, and was this the same. He appeared to quickly distance his group from that one and said that they were supplying food every day. to help those who have no resource to help themselves. 

I gained permission to take a photograph inside, which is when I realised that there are also boxes of clothes, and other (labelled, but too small for me to read) boxes in a couple of bookcases. I only took the one photo as I did not want to appear to be treating this like some sort of spectacle. 

Just before leaving I told the man I'd spoken to that I would post the photo on Blipfoto, so that people around the world could see what they were doing, and he seemed almost overwhelmed as he thanked me.

The extra is on the end of a bus shelter on Ponsonby Road. It appears to be someone's creation of an image of isolation. 

Two new cases of Covid-19 infection yesterday and three today. All linked to known sources. Planning is under way for the future post lockdown initially and then the even longer term.

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