Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Pining for sunset

The weather returned to something like normal for Cumbria today, cool and overcast with the first appreciable rain for 5 or 6 weeks. But the evening clearance of the sky was an unexpected bonus, and so we headed up the Knott to see the sunset.  There were only two other people there to enjoy it. This letter box view squeezes in the pines growing on the north side, in counterpoint to the sun setting behind Hampsfell.

Back to the more mundane activities of the day, I did manage to get the beetroots planted before the rain arrived.  The allotment is filling up and I'm beginning to wonder where everything is going to go this year, having planted twice the area of potatoes that we had last year. The replacement sprouts and calabrese are germinating quickly, so the havoc wreaked by the blackbird last week will be repaired.  While on the allotment, one of the local female blackbirds was dutifully collecting slugs, and all is forgiven. We have to work with nature, not against it.

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