By Saxysax

Bumbling along

Two pictures to choose from tonight - i went with this one because of my love for bees although the bumble hasn't come out amazingly and looks more like a bee fly.

The weather was a bit hit and miss today with showers throughout the day it meant that i had to cut going into the bees short - and didn't make it into the hive that i am concerned will swarm which is frustrating - lets hope tomorrow is better.

A new book arrived today which i am very excited about - Planting for honeybees by Sarah Wyndham Lewis.  I bought it following a talk she gave the bee club the other day.  She had lots of very interesting information to present.  I was startled by the amount of misconceptions i held.

Q had piano over video - we decided to let him have the day off school.
Z did some crafting.
Indie and I went for a walk to count the window rainbows again - we counted 65.
Started to train Barley to give me his paw - seems positive.  Now i just need to go back to the beginning and start to train him all the important things like recall and lead manners because we have never managed to make progress in this department.

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