Busy but good day - did some more UAT and it was pretty productive, for a change.  Very mixed day of weather, but I managed to pick a decent window between rain showers for a walk over to the heath just after lunch.  Lots of fluffy ducklings on the pond today!  Don't know where they've been hiding, as they look fairly big, but this is the first time I've seen them in all my recent trips to the pond.  

Had a video catch-up with my boss when I got back, crammed in a bit more work, then had a video catch-up with Char and Mags, too.  I love our daily chats :)  Got a load more work cleared after that, and packed up for the weekend a little after 6pm.

Calls from Tim's sister and brother this evening (to Tim) to say that Dan had cracked his ribs.  Cue a trip to A&E for him, but thankfully he's back home and OK (if a little sore) now.

Feeling a bit strep-throat-y again this afternoon/evening.  No idea if it can really be that, again, but something keeps coming back.  So glad it's the weekend!

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