By ExtraTime

Fooled You??

You didn't expect another tulip picture did you? Well, faute de mieux, guess what .......  The vase suits them, I think.

High spot of today - a trip to the pharmacy. I was the only customer.  

Granddaughter number 3's birthday, 7 today. 

Encouraged by our efforts at Beethoven last week (please don't take this seriously ...) we sent her a rendition ( on the penny whistle, which neither of us can play) of 'Happy Birthday'. She was in the bath when it arrived, what better place to be.  

She's had a great day, apparently. She had a virtual party via Zoom, enjoyed opening her presents, and Caroline made the cake she asked for - an Australian theme, with, and I quote 'big brown slugs (platypuses) and scary teddies (koalas). I will put this in the extras when I manage to download it. I'm still having problems accessing my photos library. Meanwhile, there's a shot of the Birthday Girl from a few days ago.

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