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Dubai - Burj Khalifa

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It really isn't hard to take an epic shot of the Burj Khalifa! I think I walked around it and took a shot at every possible angle - it's such a magnificent building! I also went up and had to pay a little extra for fast track on the day in order to get back to the cruise ship in time that evening before we sailed. 

Earlier that day I went on a desert Safari in a 4x4 and it was SO MUCH FUN! Oh my god, they drive up and over those sand dunes like crazy!!! Although our driver was definitely falling asleep at the wheel on the way back to the cruise port... hmmm... we had to tell him to pull over at a rest station and get him a cold drink - AWKWARD! 

I'm remembering now shortly after this photo we went for a wander around the Dubai Mall and took a taxi back at the end of the day... our taxi driver started reacting to some dick driver behind us... and they rammed us from behind. Luckily their car went flat like a pancake and we were safe in the back. No one was hurt in either car. We had to just run out of there and run back to the taxi rank and find another ride home. We made it just in time! An adventure of a day!

Olympus EM1 MKII - handheld shot. xx

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