Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Tractors Working

It's such a great time of year with so much colour in the trees and plants. I went out late morning and made a trip round the lanes. As I came through Humber I noticed tractors working and they always make a good blip with all the gulls looking for turned up worms.

There were four tractors working in this field but in a large field there was no way to show them all with any detail. I was travelling light so didn't have a long lens but I think this one's worked out alright.

Some excitement this afternoon as we'd managed to book a 'Click & Collect' grocery order at Sainsburys. The slot I got wasn't at our nearest store so it was a 15 mile round trip. The pick up was nicely arranged, they give you a one hour slot and put a van with the orders for that slot in a quiet corner of the car park so it's easy to keep the social distancing. The van hasn't moved for 5 weeks I should think, so it was great to give it a decent run. I do wonder what I'm going to do with the millions of carrier bags I have from supermarket deliveries. We ordered this one without bags but the only difference it made was that we got bags without the logo on.

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