Dreamy Daffodils with Perfect Scent

These are my perfect daffodils and perfect for this time as they provide me visually and with a heavenly scent. (It appears that Monty Don and I share the like of them)They also have a Corana....a bit like the damned virus but not exactly the same, thank goodness. The corana is the central frilly part. These are the most unusual and heavily scented if you lie on the earth with them. I did do that several times today.................We have no planes flying so we here can here the birds singing full blast and the water from our local river........What is not to like being locked down !!!!!

Today I did quite a difficult job, I thought but I managed it and that was good. I could not ask Mr AF to help as he has such a sore back from his injection into his back...............It was slightly abnormal to me (unqualified as a Dr but a pretend one)....I advised him to phone the Doctor but he did get through to the ward he was treated in. It is not abnormal but what is abnormal is that he is complaining so .........he might need pain killers from the Doctor tomorrow. Will check him out tonight. Had a lovely call from one family but unfortunately Mr AF ran out of energy so we will get the others tomorrow. We saw some lovely film of them walking through official paths in the fields.......Will try to share from Facebook if I can

Lots of love to you all. I wondered if we can be together by Christmas........I'm not so sure .......but fingers crossed

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