Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Lockdownfrance day 48... Whats a Kubota?

Started work on my van on Sunday, but the weather hasn't helped these last couple of days. This morning I heard a crack of thunder and it has gorn a bit dark.
I had one webcam lesson last night, so that broke Monday up a bit, today I need to work on the homework for that after lunch.

Yesterday afternoon I edited a video of my van, then spent 12 hours uploading it to Youtube overnight... The main project was working out how to take off the front panel, to reveal some possible nasties underneath. In fact, as it turned out, not that "nasty". Nothing that a good clean and selective repaint won't fix. It has been a good exercise as I've learn't a lot about the simple mechanics of my "yoghurt pot" (as they are called here). But have plenty to do. Scuse the cringe-worthyness... :)
I'm still learning that elusive art of talking on video... :-O

So what is a Kubota?

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