Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Dumping ground x

Does every home have a dumping ground? A point that everyone stops and sheds a part of themselves. Ours is the redundant aga in the kitchen. Its not that the aga doesnt work. Its just that we have switched it off because we can't afford the oil to be constantly drip feeding it.

The aga has been promoted to this other purpose. Its become this other area where items collect in their waiting area. Items waiting to progress onto another project. Waiting to have another purpose. Beautifully coloured fertile eggs sit waiting to go in the incubator tomorrow. My overalls are awaiting the decision to be washed or worn in the drenching forecast for tomorrow. My boots, the best boots ever are awaiting another busy day (I just don't want to have to look to find them in the morning!) Along with various technical stuff...pending other ideas.....

Who has the time to clear a space like this? I am pending a decision on that one. I think Ill sleep on it.......x

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