Moderately Opposed to Bombs

This is Tom, President of Warwick Labour Society, trying to explain why he's spending an afternoon convincing people to write anti-nuclear messages all over a 6ft bomb rather than concentrate on his Trusts essay.
I guess it's the same reason we all focus on societies, charities and sports really, and give them such a disproportionate amount of attention compared to our chosen degree; they just end up meaning a hell of a lot to us. Here seems as good a point as any, given that I'm coming to the end of my involvement with Photosoc at Warwick, to say that my involvement with the society has genuinely been one of the most challenging, educational and rewarding things I've ever done. I've met people and gained skills that I'll never lose, I hope.


Cheeky pint with the Law folk after 5 hours straight of lectures and seminars was well worth it around lunchtime. I then got right on with an application, and finished it around 6.
The evening was nice. Nice few drinks for Kassia's birthday, and a nice chat in Robin's Well with some of the more old-school Photosoc folk. An excellent group of decent people it was too.

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