All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

"Don't fall in!"

I was right - there was a frost overnight and it was VERY cold when we woke up this morning! But it didn't last long and by late morning, when we went to pick up Naani, it was a beautifully clear, sunny day. Gone was the rain, and a new sprinkling of snow powdered the tops.

We had to pick up some plunger coffee for M-i-L, which involved going to a specialist outlet in town. They are now open for service from the front door, where they had a table set out, and you could hear the staff talking inside. However, to place an order you had to download an app, make your purchase online and then wait for a staffmember to come out and ask "Did you want that 500g in one bag, or in two smaller bags?"  It made me wonder why we couldn't just have rung a bell and placed the order then and there... this strange new world takes some getting used to!

We decided to take Naani up the Hackett. My brother, his wife and their middle son, D. (now part of our expanded bubble) decided to come too. When we arrived at the car park, we were amazed by the number of vehicles there - not to mention men with fishing rods, people with walking poles, dogs, bikes.... we need not have worried that we might be 'pushing the envelope' too far!

With all the rain that has fallen over the past three days, the river was fairly rushing along. It must have been freezing, but the dog was in and out of it, except in the roughest parts where she thought it looked a bit dodgy. It was hard to get her to stay with the others to take this photo, as she seemed concerned that I wasn't staying together with the rest of her 'flock', completely refused to climb the rock and kept trotting back to try and round me up.  We walked as far as the washed-out bridge before Whispering Falls, where she had a good play in the river though mysteriously, all the sticks we threw for her there sank immediately!

By the time we had delivered her (and the coffee) back to Sunny Days and come home, there was only an hour or so of daylight left - it felt as though we'd been away for the whole day. Immy had some good news for me - she'd spotted another Goldfinch in the garden, and made a video for me. It was feeding on seeds on some plants fairly close to the ground, which explains how Tabby probably caught the last one.

Tomorrow we have a bit on an adventure planned! It's not often you can say that, in semi-lockdown. Sadly, after two days in a row with no new cases, there were several today - and another death. This time it was a woman in her 60s, from the Rosewood Resthome cluster of cases; that's been a disaster.

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